HME News

  • Senate backs vents issue
    Deadline for sign-on letter is June 26
    Liz Beaulieu

    WASHINGTON – Industry stakeholders have a new ally in their bid to convince CMS to drop non-invasive vents from Round 2021 of competitive bidding.

    A sign-on letter in the Senate had been the talk of the industry for...

  • Traffic on bid website ‘positive’
    Liz Beaulieu

    WASHINGTON – The HME industry’s competitive bidding website,, has had 10,762 unique visitors year to date.

    In the first 10 days of June alone, with the opening of the bid window looming on July 16, there were 1,629 unique visitors.

    “I think we always want...

  • Tricare still source of frustration
    AAHomecare suggests working complaints up the chain
    Theresa Flaherty

    SAVANNAH, Ga. – More than a year after Humana Military took over the Tricare East contract, there are still billing issues, providers report.

    Provider David McLeod, for example, has been told he must submit a certificate of medical necessity every...

  • Soleo sees opportunity in data
    Theresa Flaherty

    MCKINNEY, Texas – Soleo Health has been on an aggressive growth path since its launch in 2014, adding locations and therapies, says CEO Drew Walk.

    “We’ve gone from being a startup to having a really nice platform that allows us to service patients all over the...

  • In brief: RAC audits test strips, Medicare overpays for PSG
    HME News Staff

    WASHINGTON – Performant, the national RAC for DME, received approval from CMS on June 14 to audit blood glucose test strips (A4253) nationwide.
    “The quantity of glucose test strips that are covered depends upon the usual medical needs of the diabetic patient,” reads...