Post-Operation - TLSO
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Post-Operation Thoracic-Lumbo-Sacral-Orthosis (TLSO)

Your child is healing from back surgery or a back injury. The Thoracic-Lumbo-Sacral-Orthosis (TLSO) is used to stabilize or hold the spine and protect him/her from local trauma as healing takes place. For this to be successful, the brace must be properly worn and cared for.

The brace was especially made to fit your child.

Wearing Time

Your doctor will decide when the brace can be removed. This is dependent on your child's specific needs.

Skin Care

Daily skin care is very important. The skin should be kept clean by washing with soap and water. Dry it well. Rub the skin around the edges of the brace with rubbing alcohol. This will toughen it. Do not use oily or greasy ointments where the brace touches it. These soften the skin and may cause it to break down. If it becomes red or irritated, stop using the rubbing alcohol. After the skin is no longer red, or irritated you may begin to use the rubbing alcohol again. For any special questions regarding skin care, please contact the orthopaedic nurse.

Brace Care

The hard plastic outer shell should be cleansed every time your child takes a sponge bath. A cloth with soap and water can be used to clean it, followed by a damp rinsing cloth. A terry towel or hair dryer (on a cool setting) can help dry the plastic cover. If the brace is removable, the inner foam plastic liner can be cleansed in the same way. The Velcro strap should last about six months. If the Velcro is not keeping the straps closed, they can be replaced by the brace shop.

Exercise and Activities

Follow the doctor's instructions for the amount of activity your child does. He/she may get up and about as tolerated. He/she should not resume other activities until the doctor says so.


It is usually necessary to wear clothing over the brace that is larger than your child has been wearing. As a rule, loose fitting clothes will not reveal the outline of the brace. Pants with elastic waistbands may fit more easily. Your child must wear a t-shirt under the brace. We recommend a plain, 100% cotton t-shirt, which allows free circulation of air better than a polyester blend. The t-shirt needs to be changed each day and more often as needed, if it becomes dirty or wet.