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1. What causes DeQuervain’s Tendonitis?

It is caused by an irritation of the tendons at the base of the thumb. This can be from taking up a new repetitive activity. Overuse is also a contributing factor.

2. What are the symptoms of DeQuervain’s Tendonitis?

If you have pain in your when you try to form a fist, when you grasp or grip things, or when you turn your wrist you may have DeQuervain’s tendonitis.

If you have DeQuervain’s tendonitis the tendon at the base of your thumb may have become irritated. They may also be constricted. The pain from DeQuervain’s tendonitis may be felt in in the thumb side of the wrist. You may notice swelling on the this side of the wrist. This swelling can make it hard to move your thumb and wrist.

When you move your thumb you may feel a “snapping” sensation. You may also have numbness in your thumb or index finger. DeQuervain’s tendonitis is usually the result of overuse. It can be caused by repetitive activities. If you have fractured your wrist, you could develop Dequervain’s tendonitis.

The condition is common in middle aged women. And new mothers often develop DeQuervain’s tendonitis. As caring for a child can cause them to make awkward hand movements. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can also contribute to the condition in new mothers.

Will using a hand brace help?

Hand braces for DeQuervain’s Tendonitis can be very helpful. These braces limit the range of motion in your hand and wrist. By immobilizing your hand, braces can help reduce your pain and prevent further injury.

Hand braces for DeQuervain’s tendonitis provide support for your wrist and your thumb.

Hand braces for DeQuervain’s tendonitis allow you to have full finger function. A brace can allow you to still use your hand and fingers without all of the pain.

Some of the best hand braces for Dequervain’s tendonitis include the following: the Hely & Weber UNO WHT, the Ossur Formfit 6” & 8” Thumb Spica, and the Bioskin Wrist/Thumb Spica Wrist Brace. While each of these braces provide excellent support, the Bioskin brace is one of the most popular.

At a cost of $38.95 this well liked brace is very affordable. The Hely & Weber ($29.95) is a popular brace as well. It costs less and provides a higher level of support. The Ossur ($31.95) may be a good option as well. It offers the same support as the Bioskin and is a leader in wrist supports.





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